UFO Sighting in Wantagh, New York on 2017-03-29 17:15:00 - Fast moving silvery metalic, very reflecting sunlight, one object appeared for a few seconds as three bright blue sphears in trianglular form. after about one hour they appeared again moving in the same direction.

03.30.17, at about 5:15 pm, i was sitting on a bench observing small beautiful clouds. and i noticed about 6-7 metalic looking sphears fadt moving eastward. two sphears weve changing directions like a sinusoid type moements. they were too fast fo baloons. there are often seen aircrafts but they are much slower moving. spfeats moved away very rapidly. this event took place on johns beach, long island,ny, between fields 5 and 6. after that we left to #10 field to see coming sunset. about 7:00 pm similar sphears were moving fast eastward high in the sky, about 6-7 metalic like sphears very reflective. one sphear reflected sunligjt so strongly it felt like some kind of light beam. bit it was very strange because they vere very far high in the sky.Than one of them sarted to move rapidly up and then followed others. when orbs almost dissapiared suddenly three bright blue circles in a triamgle form apeared high on east side of the sky for a few seconds. i took a few fastphoto shuts at ×200 magnification. later at home i was able to find 3 white round sphears with violet aura at max magnification. at norman magnification they are not visible.

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2nz8hfz