Alien Encounter in San Jose, California on 2012-10-31 20:07:00 - On october 31, 2012 i was by myself and all of a sudden from the ceiling towards the left part of the room i started to hear extraterrestrial voices.

I was alone on october 31, 2012 sitting on the bed inside of a hotel room i was staying the night in. i had the tv on but it wasn't turned up loud. i had my phone in my hand and then all of a sudden coming from the ceiling from the left of the room i heard voices coming closer to my face asking me if i'd like to hear a bedtime story. i said yes and with that the voices made my night and started telling me detailed stories about how this existence came to life and where humans come from, and giving me future prophecies about god and what's the destiny for man kind. i believed them. but after they had spent hours on that halloween night telling me stories, they never went away. to this date i still hear them continuously. i hear them every single day and every single night. they told me they will only stop talking to me once they have arrived here. they have told me much about what's going on in this existence and about other life forms that came with this existence. it's been around 4 1/2 years that i have been hearing these alien voices. i'm not only hearing them i am feelings a lot of things too. i constantly feel vibrations all throughout my body. i'm in constant pain. i feel "bursts of light" in my chest all throughout the day. a "burst of light" is when i feel a chest compression and then a burst of light happens in my chest. the voices i hear told me i'm feeling friction from them heading towards me at such a high speed and they are only aimed at my body to make sure they will get to me the fastest and not have a shaky connection to me means i have to feel this constant unbearable friction. my doctor told me i have fibromyalgia but i know my pain is coming from the friction i am feeling from the creatures that are on their way to me. i really need help with this, that's the only reason i am writing is because i need help. i have been going through this for far too long with little help. i am willing to take a lie detector test to prove what i am saying is true. my doctors don't believe me and family members find it extremely difficult to believe but i am hoping you can be more open to believing me. this is very true. please find a way to help me. i need a way for my family and doctors to have more belief in me in order for me to receive the proper care i need while coping with hearing these extraterrestrial voices and feeling the amount of friction that i feel.

from UFO Stalker