Black Triangle Sighting in West Saint Paul, Minnesota on 2017-04-07 20:30:00 - Five lights in triangle formation, amber forward light, others bluish white

I was driving, my partner was a passenger. heading west marie ave, heading toward robert street. we were about half a block from robert street when we saw the triangle ufo. we had just witnessed a orb type ufo 10 minutes prior. this triangle ufo, was to our left. i rounded the corner and pulled into the parking lot near chipotle and turned around so we could film - we were now facing east and the ufo was straight east, and heading southeast, but it was too far away for the camera to pick it up well. it was in the treeline from our vantage point. the entire time we watched for a flashing light that would indicate it was an aircraft, as it seemed to be about the size of a plane, but saw none. even when it got further in the distance we didn't see a flashing light. there was a lost of air traffic and everything else besides the two ufos had visible flashing lights no matter what the distance was. the 5 lights were in triangle formation. the forward light was a light amber color (mostly white with a amber hue), and the other lights were mostly white with a blue hue. it seemed like it would have been close enough where we would have heard jet engines if it was a plane, however we didn't hear any. we did have the music on somewhat quietly.

from UFO Stalker