Black Triangle Sighting in White Haven, Pennsylvania on 2017-04-04 20:30:00 - Three lights in a triangle moving south slow blinked out 5 sec later in east miles away blinked on again

I went to my door,to get some air, looked up at the sky (dark out )saw a triangle of lights moving very slow south ,could not make out what it was , then the lights went out ( flickered). seeing this i went out on the deck to see what had happened to the lights, thought it was a plane at first 5 sec later i saw the trianqle of lights reapear but miles away moving to the east this time , then the lights went out again for 3 secs then came back on then it started moving south ,at that time i lost it in the trees, thought it might be a plane at first but it moved to fast to the south and changed direction in the blink of an eye . i thought omg was that a ufo i had to report it i hope someone saw this too please let me know

from UFO Stalker