UFO Sighting in Atlanta, Georgia on 2017-03-29 03:15:00 - Just saw one orange light as it elevated above treetops then others appeared and appeared and began to spread out then stationary.

The video was shot on an iphone around 3am on march 29, 2017. for perspective, the camera is shooting west-southwest (from a neighborhood in west-nw side of atlanta). the neighborhood is right near bolton rd & i-285, and his house is actually on the highest point in the area looking down over a bp oil refinery and past the chattahootchee river. i was in the back doorway of my friend's house, which led to his upstairs deck. we were just talking, and i looked out through the trees and saw the first morphing orange light. when it moved up from the tree tops i called my friend over and asked if he knew what that light was. he didn't recognize it, and he knows the night skyline in his area really well. originally we only saw the first orange light (top right of the triangle in video perspective). it ascended from tree line to where it is in the video. with my eyes i saw it morphing -- elongating down and back to a tighter ball of light seemingly in random fashion. then the other lights sorta just appeared around that one. the only movement perceived was the left arm of the "v" seemed to push on further into the distance. the other lights were stationary. there were 5 orange lights in a spread out "v" formation with one blue light underneath the closest (and brightest) orange light on the right. there were a few other orange lights that flanked the main formation and possibly one in the distance beyond the rest. it's hard to see clearly because we were filming through the wood line. once the lights moved into that final formation, we heard helicopters coming from the north and moving south -- but we couldn't see them. they sounded like they were flying in big circles possibly doing formations, and they did that for hours (until i had to leave around 5am). the lights moved very slightly up and down every so often but always stayed in formation. what i saw with my eyes was very different than on the footage. like i said, with my eyes the lights seemed to morph a bunch. the lights would get longer (vertically). that made it look like a strip of fire was in the sky. very weird. there was no info online talking about why the helicopters were circling all night. that is also weird. atlanta pd and all the news outlets are very good about letting us know that kind of stuff. one other observation we made was there were absolutely no airplanes flying overhead once these lights (and helicopters) appeared. keep in mind that the atlanta hartsfield-jackson international airport is one of the busiest in the nation. planes usually fly overhead 24 hours a day nonstop.

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2nvb8oY