UFO Sighting in Collegeville, Minnesota on 2017-04-02 01:30:00 - 2 relatively large red-orange orbs flying in parallel, one slightly ahead of the other, going incredibly fast from south to north

It was about 1:30am, april 2nd, and i was walking back to my room from camping. as i'm walking, i'm looking up at the sky and admiring the stars, as it was a perfectly clear night. i get about 150 yards from my building when out of nowhere appears two red-orange orbs, flying from south to north at an incredibly fast speed (it probably took about four seconds for them to traverse the entirety of the sky). at first, i thought the objects might be a satellite, but they were far too large, and i've never seen satellites fly parallel to one another. then i thought it must be a plane, but the lights were travelling far too quickly to ever be a high-flying plane, and there was no sound coming from them, so it couldn't have been a low-flying plane either. during the event, i was mostly amazed. i had no idea what i was seeing, but it was absolutely incredible seeing two unwavering lights flying so fast in such perfect unison. i reacted by first standing there and seeing if anyone was around to see what i just witnessed. then, i proceeded to text a bunch of friends to describe what i had just seen. i was in a state of complete disbelief. i lost sight of the objects after about four seconds. they entered my view from the south, travelled in a straight line at an incredible speed, and disappeared earlier than would have seemed normal in the northern sky. i saw the objects both appear and disapper.

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2opW14h