UFO Sighting in Durham, North Carolina on 2017-03-22 07:55:00 - On my way to work. say one light hoveing, took picture, drove thru tree, then there was two, tried to video, something falling on video. then there was one

I was on my way to work on 3/22/17, driving down shannon road going into hoke county and i notice a large ball of light hovering over in the horizon. i grabbed my phone and took a picture. i went thur some trees and on the other side there were 2 light hovering together. i tried to video them and i went thru more trees and on the other side there was only one light again. but i watched this light hovering all the way to work. once there i was telling some of my coworker about the light and a couple of my coworker saw them also.

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2nvec4A