UFO Sighting in Fort Morgan, Colorado on 2005-07-01 00:00:00 - Metallic, reflective, chrome like surface. no manuvering surfaces, potholes or hatches. no apparent drive

While driving on us interstate 76 between ft morgan and denver i observed a silver, metallic cylinder approximately the size of 727 fuslilage following highway for approximately 45 minutes. there was no sign of drive systems (no haze behind or below) and no control surfaces, seams or apparent hatches or portholes. the vessel followed the northern side of road way entire time through the various roadway turns. i do remember just noticing 2-300 hundred feet over the deck and just off the northern side of highway. i do not remember it coming into view or exiting. due to duration i was not able to watch it exclusively and the lack of notice of it entering and exiting view is odd. i sighted this object in the early afternoon between 1300-1500. it was a bright afternoon in mid summer with only a few high, whispy clouds.

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2nJFxA1