UFO Sighting in Hemet, California on 2017-04-02 16:30:00 - Hovered about 2000' below a jet fling eastbound, then maneuvered in a square/rectangle motion.

I was in the walmart parking lot in hemit, ca. i heard a jet flying over and casually looked up. the aircraft appeared to be at cruising altitude. then i observed a smaller object than the jet, yet it was lower than the jet maneuvering in an unusual and uncomprehendable maneuvers. i was astonished when i watched it and pointed it out to the person i was with. as i pointed up, a lady in the parking lot saw me and asked what i was looking at. i told her i was not sure. it was a ball shaped object flying unusual paterns below the jet at 4:30pm heading ene. it was almost as if it was oserving the jet that was above it. we watched it for a short while then it seemed to disappear into the bright daylight. i was unable to determine the direction it went, up or ? then it was gone.

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2o7hQoC