UFO Sighting in Lamont, California on 2016-06-13 13:11:00 - Robotic octopus 1 of them 2 electricity form 3 robotic the 5 races good friendly i had to let some friends first know then next door neighbor's​ know then across the street neighbors see for them selves people started to nodes they been 200 ft orbe

From one to a hundred people they nodest first the obre of peyer power too then after the obre left it would came back every day then the sun fallows me day i thank the lord too meet other people just like me there technology,s they have reveled too me and atlest seven 7 ships crome cigars and one black disce shaped they transferred they combine if they even like and thought they were kwallifid they probly allow a iron man but to help them one super soldier i proved it too all kinds of people no lie after they gave me a star remember prove it to many i the church to i believe allot in god jesus i was a lot in my bible so heavens athority first then the universe secont life forms that rome the galaxy and they gave me a 🌟 i should my sister my family then friends and some aquantses it been wow mind blowing so still now they visit and my mother wanted to visit here sister in san antonio texas that's why i'm here so we're just visiting allot these happened in california but they still fallowed me and the sun too they apere and desaper there invisible and visible when it's cloudy there taking care of me like an enbaseder with respect some one would desrespecit them i'd would fight some body for them the one's i meet were and are respectful there intelligent they spec and there builders but the star they but first god athority they trust me with beautiful a reall star not in space on earth were it's at couldn't say but could take you mufon to prove it with friends familiy take a lie detector test and people to prove it there's lot more to this story it amazing and take you to were i got the star for and how it hovers 5inches from the 🌲 tree and how it opened it with out touching it how it exspanded and then showed a all of people later military apache hilecopers 4 team reconesenes team came there undetectable clocing and radar can not detect them...... .

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2nGZPLy