UFO Sighting in Loudon, Tennessee on 2016-12-10 15:30:00 - Came over tree line right over my garage, in view 40 seconds before flying over east tree line

i was working on one of my old cars when i went outside to look at a part in better light. i noticed an object just behind the tree line to the west of my property and thought it was a sailplane. as i went back into the garage i realized i could not hear the usual putt-putt of the sailplane engine so i went back out and looked harder. it came over the trees and passed almost directly overhead. i could observe the front, left side, back and a portion of the top (because of the curvature of the egg)as it slowly flew past. i estimate the speed was about 40 mph. there were no ports, projections, engines, props, gondolas, lines, or sound. it was eggshell white and shaped like an egg. as i stood in my driveway and watched it slowly passed over the treeline to the east and was gone. its course was wsw to ene. it appeared the size of a softball held at arms length. i knew it was a ufo as soon as i realized that it was not a sailplane or a balloon. the weather was partly cloudy, white puffy clouds with blue sky in between. my reaction was that it was the first ufo i had seen since aug. 17, 1972 when i saw one do impossible maneuvering in the sky. after it went out of view over the east treeline i went back into the garage and continued work on my old car. when you know of their existence you are not surprised to see one. is this something out of groom lake or is it from farther away?

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2oqqrTH