UFO Sighting in Melbourne, Victoria on 2017-03-24 17:28:00 - Ufo footage caught on camera while stuck in traffic jam on the western freeway melbourne australia

My daughter took this footage whilst stuck in traffic due to an accident on the western freeway near the werribee exit, melbourne australia. she took the video on her iphone because she was bored and decided to snapchat her predicament. she didn't notice the object on the video until she got home and subsequently showed me and sent me the video to my iphone. on closer inspection using zoom and slow motion the object appears to hover and move extremely fast shuddering up and down, two other objects appear to dart around the prominent object extremely fast and look to morph in and out of the object. she was stuck on the freeway for around 20mins but not sure how long the objects would have been there.

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2nq5mo5