UFO Sighting in Midway, Utah on 2017-03-24 00:00:00 - Spotted bright light in midnight sky. it looked like a bright glorious planet. could not take my eyes off of it. it began to move very slowly. i watched it intensely change colors and direction until it disappeared.

I was at my home getting ready to head to bed when this sighting was observed. at first, i thought it was a bright , vivid planet. it had bright lights on it. the colors consisted of white , red, yellow and orange to black. it looked like a ball of fire!! i quickly realized that this was not a planet because it began to move extremely slowly. the colors began to change as well. within minutes, this object was moving across the sky. it would stop...Hover...Move...Hover...And eventually changed some direction. i watched this event for well over an hour. i awoke my husband who also witnessed this incredible event. he watched this object through his binoculars. he stated he could see it was moving slowly and the lights were blinding through his binoculars. after watching for a long time, it disappeared immediately. gone!! needless to say, that event will remain in my mind for the remainder of my life. since that evening , we have witnessed 3 more evenings with unusual objects and colors in the sky. they are aligned in a row, change colors, direction and move extremely slow until they literally disappear!! the same timeline normally and more than 2 are being seen. from the first event to the second event was about a week or so in between. because of these experieces and due to my own curiosity and fear i have since taken photos with my cell phone to try to capture what we are exactly seeing /viewing. i will continue to document these experiences.

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2nZQ6Qv