UFO Sighting in Mount Vernon, Washington on 2016-03-25 20:30:00 - Flying saucers hover over hills, move like an insect flying around, one ejected other lights. very bright, saucer shape.

Over 4 sightings of strange craft occured within 2 weeks of this event. it was about 8:40 at night. i had walked out of my room, and, due to the fact i had seen what appeared to be flying saucers in the sky for 2 weeks prior, i decided i should look out the window and see. then, over the hills of conway, wa, i saw an extremely bright light hovering by a radio tower. even before noticing it's very odd movements, i recognized the light to be just like the previous craft i had seen. it was incredibly bright, like a star, but bigger. it also appeared to have a crescent shape to the light, as though part of it were darkened, exactly like the previous lights. after noticing it, i watched carefully it's position in the sky compared to the hillside. i am a trained aircraft observer, so i am certain it was no aircraft i have ever seen. i saw it begin to move in insect-like patterns, to my surprise, exactly like the last sightings. i had recently returned from flight training in california, and was staying with my parents. my mother had been very skeptical about my previous sightings, so i went quickly to get her. she came upstairs to the window with me, and i had her watch while it moved in strange ways, darting hundreds of meters in random directions. i believe seeing this made her uncomfortable, so she left after trying to disregard the lights as a helicopter. after she left, i watched as the light suddenly dissappeared, then reappeared about a mile to the south, much closer to my house. i grabbed binoculars, and looked at it. to my shock, it was a saucer, like the other ones. i watched through the binoculars as it moved strangely again. i ran quickly to get my mother, so she could join in the craziness. i flashed my phone lights at it, like i had previously done. it seemed to flash back the same pattern. it's response was unnecessarily bright. being an airman, seeing that while flying would have been highly distracting, and no aircraft i know of would have any reason to flash lights so bright. after this, there appeared a second light, brighter than the first. it moved around, and then stayed in place for the remainder of the event. while it was moving, the first light appeared to eject several smaller lights out of it. upon exiting the craft, the smaller lights were either too dim to see, or they simply dissappeared. shortly after, the first saucer moved below the treeline, and slowly continued south. upon doing so, 3 equally bright saucer shaped craft appeared by the radio tower, about a mile north from the current position of the lights. i was very shocked to see this. they began to move in a steady path to the area where the other 2 lights were. both my mother and my sister were now watching. next, i saw something i cannot accurately describe. the light furthest to the north was very big. it was moving slower than a helicopter, and had flashing lights brighter than the moon. i can only relate it to how a police car flashes its siren lights, but only with the color white. it was like a diamond. or, perhaps the flashing of the lights made it appear that way. if i had been flying close to that light, i would have been blinded. nothing i can think of even relates to the light i saw, other than a flying saucer. this strange object continued to the south, and dissappeared behind some tall trees. there were 3 remaining lights above the horizon for a while, then they vanished in an instant and left only the 2nd brightest of the objects in the sky. it remained there, pulsating for quite some time. i remember that my final observations were recorded at 11:45 pm. i went to sleep that night with a flying saucer hovering less that a mile away from me. strange times. i cannot help but wonder whether their interest was in me, as i am actively investigating them. please comment if anyone has seen something like this. *message to investigator, not for website* i apologise for not submitting this sooner. i did not know how to describe what i saw, and i was bewildered. then i went to the san juan islands for a week. i am now back and am devoting myself fully to further investigation. we should request radar data asap. i have some sightings from march 10th-16th that we should also request radar data for. time of sightings were all from 8:30pm to 12 am. thank you, i look forward to hearing from you.

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