UFO Sighting in Royal Tunbridge Wells, England on 2017-03-24 00:00:00 - Fast paced moving, flashing lights, strange aura

I was on my way to somebody's house on my own, noticed a strange ring surrounding the moon (pretty sure this was natural) i took a photo of it and noticed strane lights within the image but upon further investigation i noticed they were visible to my eye, massive with windows, glowing with a strange aura to them. there were two, one larger than the other and both shaped slightly differently but with prominant windows and definite solid. i felt cold whilst looking at them and felt an odd presents kind of like when being followed, my mind started thinking all kinds of things and i tried to inspect closer by moving up higher on top of a shed, the lights/object was now closer to the ground, aproximetely 25ft away from me hovering. i noticed an orb like structure on the top and a rounded bowl like structure on the bottom, i attempted to take an image of the object but the image file corrupted upon taking a photo however i do still have the original image of the mood i tried to take which shows both strange objects in the sky.

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2nQmnc3