UFO Sighting in Wisconsin on 2017-03-20 23:50:00 - Three stacked orbs within a "force field", hovered for 45 mins. quite bright. solid. appendage door ramp moved up an down from bottom orb. treetop level 2 football fields away.

Brian was having a cigarette late at night (11:50 pm) when he walked out onto his wrap around deck, came around a corner, and immediately noticed a bright object out of his peripheral vision. it "scared the heck out of him". he immediately went to get his mother and she too noticed the object. as it was fairly cold, she only observed the phenomenon for 10 minutes. he watched it steadily for 45 minutes straight. went inside, came out two hours later and it was gone. the object he observed quite well consisted of 3 orbs stacked on top of each other with an aura type force sparkling force field surrounding them. the orbs were 12-15 feet wide, making the object about 36-45 ft. tall. it was observed hovering above a tree line that was approximately one football field away and two football fields high. the orbs were solid, not transparent. the bottom all white with a smear of pink. the middle aqua-marine in color. the top white/yellow to gold in color. all three orbs were surrounded by an unbroken fuzzy "force field" outline existing about a foot away from the edges of the objects. giving the objects the look of a full peapod. it was brighter than any other observable star, and he identified the north star as being to the east and not the object. he did not think it could be a drone or chinese lantern in any way. it made no noise. it did not move slowly as time went on. it hovered silently and stayed about 35 degrees above the horizon with several houses and a golf course beneath. it did not dim. it did not waiver. the edges kind of sparkled, like a sparkler. there were no negative effects. no missing time noted. no clouds, a very light wind at ~5mph present. about 30-35 degrees in temperature he believed. he has no glasses and sees, hears, and smells fine. he has a phone but knows from experience he can't take pics of stars at night because they never turn out. he's quite often on his porch and has tried to do so in the past. he was quite shocked, watched it intently for a long time, is certain of his observation as described, and says it has changed his entire outlook on life. he will buy some color pencils and attempt to sketch a likeness.

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2nnAr0n