UFO Sighting in Cahokia, Illinois on 1973-09-30 00:00:00 - Perfectly round, dark orange glow,slowly moving tree tops above my head deep rumbling

I know this was a long time ago but before my time is gone i need to share this with someone besides my wife.. i am not certain on the month only it was cold. when i was 18 i just pulled into my driveway after coming home from work around 1 am. as i got out of car i heard a deep rumbling sound almost a hum. looked around then up and saw a huge round object slowly moving over a big willow tree in neighbor's yard. it was moving so slow my first thought was maybe a blimp for i lived fairly close to parks college which had a small airport for local planes. it was not. it slowly flew or hovered like directly over me only say 50 to 100 feet above. i actually walked exactly under this as it moved toward the west and route 3. seemed like i walked under this for over 20 minutes but there is only 3 yards of smaller size between my house and the highway. in detail i remember it seemed to have a strange outline. even though it was a sphere it seemed to have rectangular beams connecting all around it as much as i could see of it. like that was a structure holding it together. as it approached the highway there was a gas station, closed but an all night truck stop called royal treat. so as we ( object and i ) approached the back of the gas station it changed direction towards the north parallel along route 3 and got a bit higher.Then i stopped to see this all in an extreme short time make a swishing sound as it just speed away in a curving direction then gone in a blink. i ran back to my house and called lambert airport outside of st. louis and asked to speak to someone to report something in the sky. i was connected to a female. i remember asking if something was spotted on radar in my area about 10 minutes ago. she did not laugh but only said no. then i called my soon to be wife. her father answered but i did not tell him. told my fiance remembering i did not want to hang up or be alone that night. never told anyone else. but about 25 years ago we were watching tv when a special on ufo's came on and sure enough it showed this exact object during that time and place with a policeman reporting from the higher levy close to dupo illinois. several police from cahokia and dupo did see this and reported it. i wish i would had reported it to them but was afraid to for obvious reasons. i do not remember how there was a recording of this but it showed this object exactly doing as i explained in the exact location. my wife and i watched this. she said omg ben this is what you described to me a long time ago. she never said but i saw in her eyes that evening she finally did believe it. yes it was that object but we just let it go for we were both managers for major stores and did not need the talk of a small town. i have tried so hard to find the origin of that video but to no avail. i just found your site today by accident. i wish so much i had known of you way long ago. this is only making me shake with chills again not releasing this burden i have felt for so so long. i am now 62. but believe me i have wished for so long for this to happen again so i could hopefully have a witness with me. i have only seen a couple strange things since in the distance but not looking for it. i have told my wife if only i could be hypnotized to remember more detail or see it again mentally. i know in my heart this happened. i will not believe this was man made. if so governments sure are good at hiding technology. last thing..I really don't care about being anonymous on this for i am retired without a fear of damage to my credibility. it was so long ago i do not figure anyone cares now. if i was younger be certain my involvement would be great for i believe people have the right to know even if they are skeptics.

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