UFO Sighting in Lubango, Huila Province on 2012-12-21 00:00:00 - we were all watching the stars, and talking about one in particular because it was a lot brighter then the rest. it suddenly started to move as if it was falling and then simply disappeared.

I remember that december 2012 would be my last year in angola, and in that particular year, everyone was talking about the supposed ''end of the world'' on december 21st 2012. me and my friends wanted to go camping in this place i four on top of a mountain. it was very hard to get there because from a certain point, there aren't any roads. it's a place very far from the city away from all the city lights. we were on top of a cliff and we had a fire. there's no cellphone reception in that area so our phones were basically clocks. i remember it was almost midnight and we decided to watch the stars and wait for the supposed end of the world (which non of us believed). i remember saying that if the world ended at least we were all together as friends. we turned away from the fire and just sat there for a few minutes watching the stars as we talked about one star in particular that was a lot brighter then any other in the sky, not moving as all stars are supposed to be. suddenly it wend down a bit and made an ellipse like movement 3 times, going down a bit with each one and then simply disappeared in the sky. no flashes of light, it just disappeared. we talked about it trying to guess what it was but nothing made sense. we thought it could be a satellite that lost power or something of that sort but they don't move the way that light moved. we joked about being an extraterrestrial spacecraft but the night just went on.

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2rAa6L9