UFO Sighting in Hinton, Alberta on 1969-06-21 23:01:00 - Craft shot straight up with flashing lights and fiqure in foil suit ran off

Myself and 2 friends were on a scouting trip for an upcoming big game hunt.We had a couple of small cal.Rifles with us for small game.The road we were on was new at the time going from edson to hinton about 15 miles north from highway 16 which it paralled.The road went east to west through the bush it was used for logging and oil . it was dark and i was driving my buddies 69 charger and i thought i would throw a little scare into them . i remembered a little bridge across a creek where the road went off to the side then under the bridge where it ended . so i picked up speed as we drove down the road then i cranked the wheel and turned off the road under the bridge and then it happened ,a craft silver in color with very bright muti colored lights shot straight up not 20 to 30 ft from us we all just said what the hell was that then in the headlights we saw what looked like a guy in a tin foil suit run across a little sand bar ,my buddy grabbed a rifle and was going to shoot at him but me and my other friend stopped him . we came back the next day in daylight and looked for tracks but found none . although this was a long time ago i remember it like it was yesterday.

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2sNKA99