UFO Sighting in Huntington Beach, California on 2017-06-05 21:15:00 - Saw from the shore, blinking blue, red and green lights out on the surface of the ocean

Hb uso 6/5/17 i recoded this video at 9:20pm in huntington beach, dog beach, ca. location was 133° sw 33.6748 latitude -118.0272 longitude. my friend and i had gone to the beach for blue hour, but the weather conditions created low visibility and the marine layer was thick. we stayed a while after, at the shore talking about aliens, oddly enough, and we were thrown off and perplexed at the sight of bright neon blue lights out on the water, a distance at about where the oil rigs are located. just south of the last oil rig at the dog beach in h.B. these 6+ lights were horizontal, in a saucer shaped silhouette, just at the surface, what looked like a vehicle maneuvering faster and at more ease than a boat should. it was dismissed as coast guards. when the lights went just below the surface of the water, they changed to green. not a turquoise, but a neon green. searching for answers to what this might be, we agreed upon bioluminescent jellyfish. perhaps a school floating at the surface. but then these lights turned red! the were now changing from blue to red. it had been quite difficult to make out these lights from our vantage and the weather was poor, making visibility challenging. the surf was strong and high tide was coming in. these lights were in our visibility from the shore for at least 45 minutes. about 30 minutes into the sighting a helicopter flew very low, and in the same course as the lights had been on, slowly drifting south. at one point there were two sets of red lights, from the helicopter above and at the surface of the water below. i shot this video in hopes that your instruments and technology can filter out noise of this very poor quality video. thank you, and i look forward to hearing back from your agency. best, -kimi k.

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2sMvUD3