UFO Sighting in Odessa, Florida on 1966-05-18 00:00:00 - 4 years old, awoke to entities in my room. taken up through roof into craft i could see above me.

I was 4 years old the first memory i have of encounters. i awoke to see entities in my room that i first took to be children. then i remember having the thought that they were small like me, but they were not children. i was unable to move. i was taken up through the roof without damage, in a beam of light into the underside of a lighted circular domed craft. it is my impression that my bed went up too. the craft was hovering a bit higher than treetop level, and emitting a whirring, humming sound. i have only vague impressions of anything after that, until i was awakened in the morning by my family, and found that i had been asleep up in a tree. our home was very isolated, being in 150 acres of groves, trees, and swamp. there are family anecdotes about my "sleep walking" as a small child, because there were several times that they could not find me in the morning, only to find me asleep somewhere outside, often up a tree. i was notoriously scared of the dark, especially going outside at our rural location after dark. i doubt that i would have gone outside in the middle of the night on my own. i had frequent night terrors and nightmares. i have vague memories of other encounters over the years, and memories of information given to me, on subjects that were not even discussed at that time, but are being put forward as theories in more recent times. over time, i got the impression that i was part of some sort of reproductive or dna experiments. at one point in my late 20s i did something that interfered with their process. this is my only real memory of any other than the small grays. i was on one of their craft, and a large gray with long thin limbs seemed angry with me, and additionally frustrated at my inability to understand his language or what he was trying to tell me. at that point, i believe that i was removed from their program of experiments, and i don't believe i had any further contact after that point. the nightmares continued, including waking up screaming, for about another 20 years.

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2to55WJ