UFO Sighting in Cibolo, Texas on 2017-07-12 00:00:00 - 2 dots met in middle of clouds. it formed a moon-like thing as if energized by now 5 dots. "moon" changed shape and thrn disappeared with the clouds. happened twice

Out side listening to spotify 2.Light behind the clouds cought my attention. then there was a naked spot in the middle of the clouds where i noticed 2 white dots. then they moved and meet and started forming a ball the size of the moon during the formation it looked like 4 smaller lights were shouting beams of energy to this "moon". the moon got brighter as it became fuller and whiter. then the circle was complete. the clouds left and it looked like a real moon but then it started vibrating or bouncing... (at one point it seemed to be dancing the music i was listening to..Weird but funny) ..Then the clouds came back covered the moonlike object..And when the clouds left the object disappeared... about 10 or 15 min later the same thing happened all over again but instead of a bouncing "moon" it moved up slowly. i have multiple videos...I had stop a few times bc the kids were being annoying and my battery died. . i wasn't scared i was intrigued and the first formation was beautiful and made me feel happy but it seemed to grow in diameter or come closer which freaked me out....And at that moment is when the the clouds came and it disappeared. the formation was amazing. bright colors glowing. the dots i saw originally were hiding within these clouds. the clouds themselves were bazaar. i stayed up waiting to see the second "moon"disappear but it got late and i went inside...All it did move slow like a snail towards the south. (there is air force base close by. ever since i moved to cibolo i see things . this is my 2x first time reporting) my video has more of disruption

from UFO Stalker http://ift.tt/2ugZW5D