UFO Sighting in Millville, New Jersey on 2017-10-30 19:14:00 - Nj ufo - light changing direction abruptly

I am a hobby astronomer with a back yard observatory and a former mufon certified field investigator. at 19:15 edt on 10-30-17 i happened to be visually looking toward the sw and saw what i thought was a satellite traveling across the sky, as normally seen on clear evenings. but, this time the "satellite", and that's exactly what it looked like, moved from 240 degrees true at approx 40 degrees inclination, moving toward the ne at a fast pace, just like a satellite would across the sky. the light was white and extremely faint, steady except for maybe some atmospheric disturbance. the object was above 2x atmosphere. the altitude was unknown, but as far away as a faint star would look. as the light came across the sky it suddenly made what looked like an "z" in the sky, changing direction instantly at sharp angles to make the "z" then continued to the ne for about 5 seconds and out of vision and i could not locate it after the short straight line. there was no sound, no other colors, the light or reflection was steady. as a former private pilot, investigator and owner of a domed observatory with high quality telescopes and imagers, this was a first for me in the last 20 years. this was certainly not a satellite, iridium flare, helicopter, or conventional aircraft.

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