Black Triangle Sighting in Cincinnati, Ohio on 2017-11-10 19:58:00 - 5-7 ufo's interacting with each other over cincinnati, ohio on january 10, 2017 the video was captured at 6:58

I noticed one bright light at first from the corner of my eye. once it caught my attention it seemed to split in to 3 ufo's in a straight line. then another appeared and formed a triangle. at one point there was maybe 7 or 8 ufo's all at once. at about the min. mark of the video is when they really light up the sky really doing some amazing stuff. it seems like some form of communication. the video doesn't do it justice because i was able to see physical crafts as well. a triangle, a disc, and the helicopters are visible in the video. this was a really exhilarating experience for me as i have seen lots of footage from different t.V. series and documentaries and this followed suit with a lot of the same patterns and scenarios people tend to describe or i've seen. it was shot in phone quality 4k so the frame rate my not be amazing but i think its a decent video capture. the internet is going crazy all of cincinnati as i'm not the only one to capture video. the news publicly stated that they're skydivers performing a show for university of cincinnati's football team but i don't buy that this is what i saw. maybe there were a few skydivers dodging ufo's but skydivers can't move like that and for them to be that bright would take an amazing amount of energy to project light all across the city. tell me what you think.

from UFO Stalker